By Clear Creek Community Theatre (other events)

5 Dates Through Jun 18, 2023

Clear Creek Community Theatre's production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is a modern adaption of the classic play set in a world where Rome is a powerful technology company with branches into the world of military defense, finance and social media.

Not everyone rejoices as Caesar takes control of Rome and as his arrogance and power grows so does the conspiracy against him. The use of cutting edge technology as a means of control and influence adds a contemporary twist to the story, highlighting the dangers of unchecked power and influence in the digital age.

Julius Caesar explores several significant themes that resonate throughout the play. Power and Ambition, Betrayal and Loyalty; Fate versus Free Will, Public versus Private Life, Manipulation and Rhetoric. Honor and Morality. and Consequences of Actions. These themes intertwine to create a complex and thought-provoking exploration of power, loyalty, morality, and the complexities of human nature in the face of political upheaval and personal dilemmas. Julius Caesar resonates with our modern-day world in various ways, reflecting the timeless and universal nature of these concepts.

William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is on stage at UHCL’s Bayou Theater for one weekend only June 15th – 18th.

Shakespeare in the Summer, in Air Conditioning!