Agatha Christie - Love from a Stranger

By Clear Creek Community Theatre (other events)

6 Dates Through Jan 23, 2022

Clear Creek Community Theatre is excited to bring you this intense psychological thriller as our first play for 2021.  Brought to you by a talented cast and director, Aprille Meek, this Agatha Christie classic is not to be missed!  All performances will be held at teh Bayou Theater on the UH Clear Lake Campus.

Cecily Harrington has led a staid and proper existence. After winning a large amount of money in a sweepstake she desperately yearns for a life of adventure.  Enter Bruce Lovell, a handsome and charming stranger who sweeps her off her feet. In a whirlwind romance, she recklessly abandons her job, friends and fiancé to settle in the remote and blissful surroundings of a country cottage. However, her newfound “love from a stranger” is not what it seems and in an astonishingly tense final scene, Cecily discovers the ghastly truth of her new love.

Love From a Stranger is an adaptation by Agatha Christie and Frank Vosper which draws both on Christie’s earlier play, The Stranger, and her short story, Philomel Cottage. Some years before this play, Christie herself wrote a stage version, calling it The Stranger




Clear Creek Community Theatre and UHCL are observing Covid-19 guidance from the CDC and the Texas Governor's office.  Masks, temperature checks and social distancing will be in effect.